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Charlotte Bik Bandlien is an Oslo-based anthropologist specialized in visual and material culture. Triangulating the roles of researcher, educator and consultant, her interdisciplinary practice revolves around contemporary conditions for constructing criticality, currently focusing on dialectics between advertising, contemporary art, anthropology, and speculative perspectives. 


Work presented at Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Parsons the New School for Design in NYC, Oxford University, Design History Society, College Art Association, Theaster Gates' Arts Incubator in Chicago, American Anthropological Association, the Material Culture subsection of UCL Anthropology, Tate Research and Learning/AAH ++


Bandlien has held positions as strategic brand planner at Bates Advertising and as researcher at the National Institute for Consumer Research (now part of Oslo Metropolitan University), and was contributing editor to the fashion journal Personae. Currently assistant professor of art and design theory at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Department of Design.


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selected publications



Post Luxury - Normcore as Node and Prism

Bandlien, Charlotte Bik (2019) "Post Luxury - Normcore as Node and Prism" in: (eds.) Bruggeman, Danielle et al. APRIA journal #00 Arnhem: ArtEZ Press

- with Otto von Busch and Timotheus Vermeulen ++

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Towards a Design Criticism

in: Kritikk for en Fraværende Leser / Criticism for an Absent Reader

Texts by Wendy Vogel, Tommy Olsson, Sigurd Tenningen, Bernhard Ellefsen, Hild Borchgrevink, Anette Therese Pettersen, Diana Damian Martin, Charlotte Bik Bandlien, Erlend Hammer

Featuring texts on contemporary music, literature, design, and theatre 

Edited by MariaVeie and Anette Therese Pettersen
Uten Tittel, 2018


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Towards an Anthropological Practice

in: Collective Good / Collaborative Effort

Texts by Geir Haraldseth, Michael Birchall, Marc James Léger, Charlotte Bik Bandlien, Gregory Sholette og Harry Weeks

Featuring exhibitions by HAiK (designkollektive HAiK), It Could Go Either Way (Mariam Ghani/Erin Ellen Kelly), Model of Possible Action (Krüger & Pardeller) or Jenny Say Qua (Anna-Sophie Berger, Halvor Rønning, Martyn Reynolds, Christophe Hamaide and Philip Kleinmichel).

Edited by Michael Birchall and Geir Haraldseth
Rogaland Kunstsenter, 2017


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Kunst og Kultur 4 / 2016

Guest editor of the Norwegian academic journal in art history​ on a special issue on contemporary art and anthropology

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On the Style Site* - Facehunter as Node and Prism

Bandlien, Charlotte Bik (2012) "On the Style Site* - Facehunter as Node and Prism" in: (ed.) Berry, Jess Fashion Capital: Style Economies, Sites and Cultures, Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press - revision of Ephemeral Image in Time, also reprinted in: (eds.) Vaccarella, Maria and Jacque Lynn Foltyn (2013) Fashion-wise, Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press (eBook)

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On the Style Site* - Ephemeral Images in Time

Bandlien, Charlotte Bik (2011) "On the Style Site* - Ephemeral Images in Time" in (eds.) Sigurjónsdóttir, Æsa, Michael A. Langkjær, Jo Turney Images in Time: Flashing forward, backward, in front and behind photography in fashion, advertising and the press, Bath: Wunderkammer Press

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Den store retrobølgen

Bandlien, Charlotte Bik (2007) "Den store retrobølgen som har hjemsøkt vårt land" in (eds.) Telste et al, Bruk, kast – og bruk igjen (By og Bygd 40), Oslo: Norwegian Museum of Cultural History [Norwegian only]

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